Labor law

Labor law
Labor law concerns the rules and legislation for contracts between employers and employees. We can assist either or both parties to solve or prevent conflicts concerning labor law.Sometimes we can bring both sides closer by mediation.Sometimes a legal procedure is necessary.In the past years we have gained expertise on the following issues:

  • Employment contracts
  • Fixed-term employment contracts
  • Dismissal procedures
  • Payment and salaries
  • Competition clauses
  • Partial or full disability
  • Parental leave
  • Reorganizations and mergers
  • Gradual discharge in case of redundancy

Immigration Law

Our office is specialized in regular immigration law, this means all kinds of stay permit and visa requests, except alien law requests. You can think of family reunification, eu law, work permit, study permit or medical treatment permits. We also assist our clients in procedures concerning human rights at different international human rights institutions like the European court of human rights in strassbourg.

Family Law

Family law is the jurisdiction with regard to all kinds of family or private life matters, like divorce, alimony or custody. It also regulates responsibility for children, as well as adoption and changing one’s given name(s) or surname.

Social Security Law

Social Security Law issues mathers with regard to social security benefits, like unemployement money.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law concerns al kind of matters against government decisions or acts