Our Way Of Working

    Step 1: First contact

    You contact us via phone, email, or in person. We determine the nature of your case and its urgency. If there is a deadline for a court appeal or an application for review, we start working right away. We will make an appointment for an orientation meeting. This is usually within a few weeks.

    Step 2: Orientation meeting

    We meet at our office for an orientation meeting. The costs of this meeting are 50 Euros.
    Do you have a legal aid insurance? Please check if your insurance covers the costs for your case first. You can also visit the Juridisch Loket (or call 0900 8020) first to obtain a referral. The legally determined contribution to your case may also be reduced, if your financial situation calls for this.
    You bring all documents relating to your case and we will ask for a copy of your passport. We discuss your case in-depth during this conversation.
    We inform you of the chances of success and any bottlenecks. We will also check if you qualify for legal aid and make an estimation of the costs of the case.
    We also inform you about our hourly rates, for what kind of activities we will charge, the time we expect to spend on your case, and the required advance.

    Step 3: Action plan

    We will make an action plan for your case and discuss our advice with you.

    Step 4: Execution

    If you agree with the action plan, we will start working on your case.

    Step 5: Evaluation

    When the case is closed, you will receive a closing letter from us, explaining how we will deal with your file, and an evaluation form. We will return your original documents and will keep your file in our digital archive for five years. We would greatly appreciate it if you would fill in the evaluation form, which can also be found on our website.